All Natural Air Purifier Gel
All Natural Air Purifier Gel

All Natural Air Purifier Gel

Odor Eliminator And Natural Air Freshener Neutralizes Smell. Ideal For The Home, Pets, Car, Boat, RV 2.6 ounce/75gm


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  • The Air Purifier gel refreshes dusty, musty, dank or stale air naturally. The pure Australian sourced essential oils activate with airflow and release into the air to purify.
  • The best smell is no smell. Don’t hide the odor, eliminate it. Whether it's a pet smell thats the culprit or maybe sweaty shoes in a closet, bathroom smells, or even your car, it’s easy to effectively neutralize and deodorize the offending smell without masking it!
  • 100 percent natural air freshener that is kind on the nose, with no strong chemical or perfume smell. Just pure naturally derived Australian essential oils in a water based gel.
  • Convenient and portable with no power required to maintain a fresh, healthy, odorless indoor air environment. Move from room to room, from house to car or boat/RV.
  • Kid and pet friendly eco deodorizer gel with a soft tea tree and eucalyptus scent that fades after opening. One canister lasts up to 4 - 6 weeks. Covers a maximum space of 32ft.
  • Manufactured in Australia exclusively for our company LouRoss Technology Pty Ltd (L.R.T for short!)

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